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Bosnia and Herzegovina has the obligation to participate in the process of the EU integration. Our team developed and implemented a custom web based software and information system for supporting all activity of the Bosnian government in the process of the EU integration. The system will ensure transparency, real time collaboration functionality for up to 2500 users, on 44 governmental levels. The system is integrated with the EU progress monitoring and reporting IT Systems

Visit site: https://isei.dei.gov.ba/

Obrtni registar FBiH

Obrtni registar was created so that all tradesmen in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina would have access to useful information, as well as all contacts related to municipal and city management.

Visit site: https://obrtniregistar.gov.ba/

Education Management Information System

Digitalization of the education system in the biggest Canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Canton Sarajevo. In cooperation with the University of Sarajevo, our team developed and implemented the information system for all primary and secondary schools in Canton Sarajevo. This system supports the entire education process for schools, students, teachers, parents and the Ministry of education, science and youth, and it includes: centralized register of students and teachers, electronic gradebook, online registration and enrollment in high schools in Canton Sarajevo.

Visit site: https://upis.emis.edu.ba/

Bussiness Zones

The information system for business / industrial zones of FB&H was made to strengthen the capacity and activity of local self-government units for more efficient management of business zones, as well as to enable the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts to have access to required business zone analysis and help their promotion.

Visit site: https://zonefbih.gov.ba/en

Financial Information System (FIS)

The Financial Information System (FIS) has been implemented to connect all organizational and sub-organizational units of the University of Sarajevo into a single information system that provides full support to finance and accounting functions, budget planning and preparation, public procurement planning and implementation and other useful tools.

Visit site: https://fis.unsa.ba/

Agencija za nadzor osiguranja

Stete.ba is a page for checking all the information about registered cars. Damages, insurance policies, bonuses, and other information are very important for both users and insurance companies.

Visit site: https://stete.ba/

Rochester Electronics – The Semiconductor Lifecycle Solution

Reliable web-based application for setting up and delivering accurate and consistent inventory data and pricing files for a variety of Rochester Electronics business partners.

Visit site: https://www.rocelec.com/

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